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Welcome to OptYourLife!   Here, we have a free sleep calculator estimating how much sleep you
should get based on your age, gender, etc. You can also read a lot of interesting facts
about sleep positions, nature of sleep and sleep health benefits. In addition,
you can find helpful tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

How much sleep do you need?

We are all familiar with different type of issues one can face when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. Are you suffering from insomnia? Or perhaps you are wondering if you are sleeping too much? Are you struggling with your alarm clock in the morning? Although it is impossible to answer how much sleep a person should get, here, we try to give a rough estimate of what would make sense for an average person with your age, gender, physical condition, and activity level. Nevertheless, you should take the result of our sleep calculator as a general guideline and adjust it based on your particular situation (and physician recommendation).

How much sleep do I need?

Start sleeping better tonight

Importance of sleep is not a mystery to any of us. Therefore, sleep has been the subject of many academic and professional studies in the last few decades. In general, these studies try to answer questions such as what is the nature of sleep, how one can improve his quality of sleep and what are some common techniques people use for this purpose. As you know, sleep is crucial and can greatly impact our quality of life. To this end, here, you can find a lot of information about sleep positions, nature of sleep, its health benefits, and a few simple techniques which can hopefully help you start sleeping better tonight.

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